I did something right!

Since this blog is supposed to be functioning as a journal, I’m going to throw some random stuff in here that happened over the past week or so.

I went to a Zao show in Seattle. Their star guitarist was in the ER, so the set wasn’t that great. Oh well. Their last album was amazing! A conceptual record called ‘The Funeral of God’. It’s a hypothetical look at what would happen if God gave humanity what they wanted and went away. Very scary stuff. It reminds me of C.S. Lewis’s ‘Between Heaven and Hell’ in that the horror is not in the form of torment from demons and fire, but the torment of being completely enslaved to our own natures. “As we pray on His grave, our words fall and decay” I also love the cover art and logo design. I painted the logo on the back of my spare tire cover.

Oh, and the thing I did right was during football last Saturday. I actually made a touchdown. It doesn’t mean much since everyone else on the team has made dozens. But it was exciting for me. It was one of those near disasters where I grabbed it while jumping backwards, it got knocked out of my hands by the D, but as I hit the ground I managed to snatch it back. What a great group of guys my church has in it. They were still congratulating me for it the next day. I feel like I did when my mom over-congratulated me on learning to twirl the spaghetti on my fork like a big boy.

I helped move a very sad woman right after the game. She was all alone in a cluttered, trashy, smoke-reeking apartment. Part of our outreach program at church is helping people move. The atmosphere in her place was so oppressive. I prayed a lot while I moved her boxes of dirty knick-knacks and stained carpets. I am still praying for her every night. These things help me remember how blessed I am. I hope to share as much of that blessing as I can.


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