Some Vital Stats:

Just incase anyone else ever reads this. These bulleted items will help you understand my unlimited brilliance!

Josh Foreman...

  • Has a very, very dry sense of humor. If you ever read anything that makes me seem arrogant, or cruel, please imagine that they are written in the ‘sarcasm’ font. I hate the stupid little winking emoticon, and there is no sarcasm font. So I get misunderstood a lot. For some reason I think it’s funny to project an image of myself that is in direct opposition to my actual personality. The sad part is, in doing so, others can only interpret me as that way. Weep for me!
  • Is super intelligent and better than everyone else. (I was just testing you. Did you read the last bullet point?)
  • Grew up in the military. My dad was a dentist in the Air Force. I was born in Seattle, moved to Japan, then Portland Oregon, then San Antonio Texas, then North Pole Alaska. I never lived anywhere for more than 5 years. I’m pretty sure this is why I don’t follow professional sports. And this is my fathers fault. (Sarcasm again.)
  • Was home schooled. Well, mostly. I did K-3, and then my Sr. year of H.S. in public schools. My mom had tendencies towards it, and so I greatly exaggerated my negative experiences and fabricated some stories of horror and woe concerning my plight at school. She bought it. (As a good mother should.) And so I was freed from the shackles of that oppressive establishment, and chained to those of my mother. By the way… My mom is the coolest mom anyone could ever have. I’ll talk more about her later.
  • Got married way too soon. I had one girlfriend in high school. I met her at church. I proposed to her at 16 or 17. We got married a month after we graduated from high school. This was a brilliant plan that somehow went awry. It lasted 11 years and 8 days.
  • Has two kids. I have an eight year old boy named Justin. He is a smart little bugger who is usually kind, polite, and studious. He has ADD, but still manages to do well most of the time. My other son is Shane. He is 5. Very rambunctious and sweet. He has a significant speech delay so most people can’t understand 90% of what he says.
  • Doesn’t like anime. Except Spirited Away. But that’s not really anime, is it?
  • Is incredibly blessed by God. I have a fun job with an easy-going atmosphere. I have a loving, supporting family. I live in a country that has so wealthy it can support a bunch of people like me who make video games. My kids are huge blessings. I have the coolest nanny in existence. (She cares for my boys, not me.) But my main blessing so far has been the ordeal I’ve gone through, and how God used it to bring me closer to Him than I ever thought I would be.


Your bubbly personality is literally oozing out of you and it is hard not to detect it through your writing. I'm sorry about your ex-wife but it's wonderful to hear that you are recovering from it. Stay positive and sunny!

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